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If you organise and manage your insurance properly with the help of a good
agent, who takes a personal responsibility to see to your best interests,
you can benefit in many ways. You can save a small fortune (and sometimes
a big fortune!) in the long run. If you buy your insurance randomly from
different sources you miss out on those benefits and there is a risk that you
may not even be getting the proper coverage that you need and have paid for!

It is a common misconception that insurance is “a simple matter” and that
“anyone with half a brain can do it”. The fact is buying an insurance properly
without the help of a good and reliable agent can be a huge struggle, and may
be risk- prone too, even for sophisticated consumers like professionals,
business people and companies. That is why consumers still rely on agents,
who they pick from among childhood friends, relatives or acquaintances, where
personal trust is considered more important than professional competence.
If nothing happens, the consumer does not worry about the quality of the agent!
Everything seems to be well. But those may not be safe assumptions in the twists
and turns of life and business! The seeds of many problems consumers face with
insurance lies at the inception stage.

There are so many options, factors, and complex tradeoffs in buying insurance.
Price is not the only consideration if you are looking for value and quality.
Premiums, discounts, coverages, exclusions, excess clauses, and claim experiences
(the ultimate test of a good insurance) are variable and can be very tricky to
evaluate. The cheapest insurance may not fully cover your needs, or have
disadvantages you cannot see straightaway. The most expensive products may be
expensive for reasons which may not benefit you at all. Etc., etc. The best
insurance agents are alert to those issues, and will steer the consumer away
from potential downsides (or a disaster waiting to happen), which the consumer
would otherwise put up with, and continue to pay for, unknowingly.

Buying insurance from inexperienced agents entails a certain degree of risk.
Many consumers are blissfully unaware of that! How can a consumer avoid
making risky or costly mistakes in buying insurance? It is our opinion that
every individual or company should should strive to find, and then stay
connected with a competent and reliable insurance agent, to help them to
understand, select, obtain, use, review & upgrade when necessary, to manage
and benefit from insurance, and not to over-pay. All that is quite specialised
work, and can be properly done only by agents who are sufficiently experienced
and fully committed to serving the client’s best interests. A good agent can
also connect you to trusted professional networks to help you in a crisis, if
the need ever arises, but that is another story.

We have worked in this field for over 20 years. We can help you to ensure that
you, or your company, are properly covered.  We can identify opportunities
for you to get a better deal without compromising your cover. Our work helps
our clients to save time, money and effort, and avoid future problems and
frustrations with their insurance. You don’t need to waste time running around
to shop for the imagined “best insurance” and paying cash every time! Our
services add real value to our individual client’s buying decisions, without
any additional cost. To companies, our services is like having a specialist
staff on its payroll but working for the company for free!

Regardless of whether you are an individual or a company, we invite you to
discover the sensible way to buy insurance. Ensure you have the proper
coverage and keep an eye on the cost-effectiveness of your insurance,
while leaving all the nitty-gritty details to a trustworthy and
competent agent to handle professionally. Take the time to streamline your
insurance management with the help of a good agent- and you will see for
yourself the possibilities of saving time and money almost immediately!

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