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Getting Your Insurance

– with Confidence and Safety

Getting your insurance cover from us is fast, easy, and 100% safe and secure for you- in 3 easy steps below. We provide the human approach to all your insurance needs. We want our first-time clients to feel completely secure and comfortable doing business with us. Your interests will be protected with proper and valid documentation at every step. Our solid reputation of 28 years, as a trustworthy and reliable Corporate Agent, and our registration with PIAM, bind us to serve our clients with utmost integrity.

Step 1- Enquiry
Contact us and let us know what type of insurance you need and the amount of coverage. Don’t forget to provide your mobile phone number and e-mail address for us to contact you. We can give you an indicative quotation. If you are interested, we can go on to Step 2.

Step 2- Issue of e-cover note
You can proceed by either Option a) or Option b) below. We recommend Option a) but the choice is yours. We issue a valid e-cover note to you first, as described below- it is only after that, and provided you are fully satisfied, that you make your payment to us (in Step 3).

Option a)
We can meet you in person in our PJ office, address here, by appointment. You complete and sign the proposal forms. If you accept the price and terms of the insurance, we can issue the e-cover note for you on the spot.

Option b)
We send you the proposal forms by e-mail or fax. You complete and sign the forms and return them to us by email or fax. On receipt of properly completed and signed forms, and on your acceptance of our offer, we can issue the e-cover note for you straightaway, and send it to you by e-mail or fax. We will also send the documents to you by ordinary mail.

Step 3- Payment (ouch!)

The payment must be received not later than the date of inception of the cover, which will be stated in the e-cover note. If you accept the cover issued to you, you can pay by cash or cheque which you deposit into Agent (i.e. our company) bank account. Or else, you can pay by Credit Card- by authorising payment direct to the Insurance Company (i.e. our Principal)

That’s it- With the e-cover note issued to you and your payment made, your insurance is in force- you are safely covered, and your e-cover note is your proof of cover.

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