Sita Sheena Sdn. Bhd.

Insurance Agents, Consultation & Services @ Petaling Jaya

Contact Us

If you have any product enquiry, or any question or problem concerning your
insurance- we will be glad to assist you- to your best interests. Feel free to contact us anytime. It is strictly private and confidential and, of course, completely free of charge.

                      Send us a fax or phone us at: 03-79562944

                      Phone or SMS us at: 013-3610136

                      Send us an email at:


                      If you prefer quick and easy, you can use the
                      “Leave a Reply” comment box below to send
                      us your request / question / comment and we will
                      get in touch with you to follow up. This channel
                      is strictly private and confidential.

We reply promptly to all communications that we receive. Thank you!

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